What’s the background photo about?

Everyone has heard of “when life gives you lemons.”  We all know how to make lemonade, and while you can go beyond the standard sugar, water, lemons to make something unexpectedly delicious, it’s still reasonable.

Well, life gave me loquats.  I didn’t know it at the time since someone told me I was getting kumquats instead, which I knew a little about and tried before.  But loquats?  I didn’t even know what they were until the fruit started coming in, and I realized they weren’t kumquats.  Then another person had to tell me.  Then I had to do some research.  Now I had to decide, what do you do with a tree full of loquats?!

That’s the big question, what do you do when you’re given something you don’t know how to deal with?  I don’t have the answer to such a broad question, but for me and all these loquats, I started with research and sugar.  I am trying to figure things out and make the best of it.  No, I didn’t make a loquatade.  I attempted to make a loquat jam, which turned out very runny.  So I reframed it.  Suddenly, I had several jars of loquat syrup!  Delicious on waffles and a life lesson on trying new things.


Even though I no longer have the literal loquats in my life, I’m still passing it on.  Share my story.  Share my syrup.  Share my life recipes.


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