A Second Glance

Two days ago, I walked my usual route to work and back.  The only unusual thing about it was that it happened twice.

My first walk was typical: rushed, less observant with the darkness that came with Daylight Savings Time, and feeling a little unbalanced with the beginning of my day before breakfast and tea.  I did, however, briefly notice this magnolia tree I walk past every day.  It was kind of beautiful with its blossoms closed on a slightly chilly early morning.  The moment passed as I continued to walk by.  I had considered taking a photo, and chose instead to continue with my day without it.

On my second walk past the same spot, this time during midday, instead of rushing, I paused.  I stopped to enjoy this moment, and to capture it to share with you.  I felt more balanced, paying more attention to everything around me, and taking the time to simply see the beauty in nature.


The tree, at midday, was different.  And of course it was – so was I.  At midday, the blossoms began to emerge, although not fully.

It was this second glance that made me realize how taking a moment to pause, center yourself, re-evaluate your to-do list, to really notice how you feel and look is necessary – especially when you’re in the thick of it.  I began my day rushed and unbalanced.  Mere hours later, I was in a better place.  It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and not notice how we progress each day.  Sometimes we bloom and at other times we just start to blossom.  I imagine that if we checked in with ourselves at another point of the day, we’d be at another stage.  Maybe we’d be fully open – ready to emerge, or maybe we’d be closed.  Ready to wrap ourselves up and prepare for the next day.  Or maybe we’d realize we stopped growing and need to make a change – something as simple as looking up to take a pause in the middle of the day.


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