Too Many Doors

This week has been hectic – more than usual and with a mix of two days fun chaos and two days spirals of difficult out-of-my-control things.  We all have these weeks.  While I’ve taken photos this week, nothing really sums up the experience, so here is my image:

Think back to a time that you set off the smoke alarm in your home due to baking.  The loud alarm sets you into a panic – first to check the food you are cooking to ensure you didn’t burn it into the inedible stage.  Second to run to the nearest window to open it.  Third -the alarm is still blaring, so you frantically run to the nearest door.  You open it and start the process of “fanning” with the door to help produce enough cross ventilation to shut the alarm off.  Fourth- success – the alarm stops.  You shut the door, sigh some relief, and go back to doing whatever it was.  Fifth – moments later, that alarm starts wailing again.  Sixth- produce more anxiety now thinking about the volume of the alarm in proximity of your neighbors and the hour you are cooking (i.e. probably later at night).  Seventh- Repeat – open more windows and doors and increase the panic.  Maybe throw in a chuckle as you can’t imagine how this keeps happening, so you just have to laugh a little about how ridiculous this became.

So what’s the positive spin behind a week with days that have left me exhausted and with emotions amuck?  Well, now that some time has passed, I have a different perspective than in the moment when things are hard.  It’s chaos in the moment, but it’s just that: a moment.  Sometimes that moment is long – the whole afternoon or evening – and sometimes it’s just a few minutes.  Everything stops to attend to this moment – to make sure you didn’t burn your food, that the room has cleared of smoke, and that the alarm ends.

How do you come back from this?

Perspective helps.  But before you can have that, do something to calm yourself.  Find your reminders that make you feel better.  Cuddle some pets, have a cup of tea, and just stop thinking about it (it’s hard, I know) to give yourself a break.

I can see the cliche about opportunities with doors opening and closing and how that really can be true.  For me, some of these doors were a job closing their location with two days notice while have a new job interview in the same week.  Another was trying to work within a broken system for health help – it always is hard, but the reality is that I am getting better without their help, so maybe I need to let it go.  I’m not willing to fully yet, but for now, I can set this worry down and move forward.

What do you do if these moments keep happening?

Well, maybe you need to look inward.  Clean yourself/your oven up so it works better to not set off alarms.

I would love to hear your thoughts because we all handle things differently and can learn from each other to handle things with more grace.

  • What do you do when days or weeks are too hard?
  • What are the reminders you tell yourself?
  • What do you do when you have too many doors opening and/or closing?





One thought on “Too Many Doors

  1. Great post and metaphor about maintaining a healthy perspective that acknowledges both where you’re at in any moment and appreciating that at the end of any day, our grace with ourselves and others defines who we are and how we want to see and live in our world. In order to get “through it” we have to get “to it” and that’s how perspective and grace comfort us when we most need it Some folks call it “faith” which may simply be faith in ourselves to engage with what we need to, pass on stuff that’s unproductive (like that’s easy to do?), and knowing that sometimes it’s not about us. Too many doors? Trust your instinct and know that you don’t have to open or walk through all of them; and sometimes appreciate that the journey through them and inside them does not always have to be a solo one. Thanks for the thought provoking post; every one seems like a small moment to lead the reader to a fork in their own road to reflect on how we’re feeling about our own shared moments and experiences.


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