National Poetry Month: Part 1

Happy National Poetry Month, everyone!

While you were probably welcomed to this month about a week ago, I will borrow a line from a poet and Aunt of mine: I may be late, but I’m always on time.

Every April, poetry is highlighted in the writing and reading community, and I want to share my love of poetry with you.

My interest in writing started early, when an elementary teacher remarked on my hook of a story.  My interest in poetry really peaked in high school when I was introduced to modern day poets courtesy of a genuinely caring creative writing teacher.  Poetry and its forms rang true for me – saying so much in few words.  Reading a variety of authors helped influence my style while peers encouraged me, provided constructive criticism, and inspired me to grow.  I still have the Litmag shirts and books.  In college, I found nonfiction, where my talent was at that point in my life.

Writing always helped me channel what I was feeling and experiencing, especially as a teenager, and poetry allowed me to really make impact with my words – written or spoken.  Poetry helped me open up, to find my voice and to be heard, and to gain confidence in myself, my ideas, and my art.  And so, I’m finding my way back to it.

My goal is to share a poem with you once a week during April.  I will begin with a haiku:


my yoga practice

stunted by a studio

closed, but I’m open


I will continue to share poems, poets, and my connection with words this month, and I want you to reflect.  What has poetry done for you?


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