Hello Out There

Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there.  Say hello.  Remind people you’re around.  Try to be heard.  Other times, you receive a wonderful gift that someone remembered you.  You didn’t need to be loud, to be seen, or even to live in their state.  You were just you, and that was enough.

I try to keep in touch with family and the friends I’ve collected across several states over several years.  It’s hard, but I do send reminders in cards, letters, and care packages to others reminding them that I’m thinking of them.  I don’t expect it back, but yesterday, I received a wonderful card and article clippings from a family member.


That’s right – it’s an elephant walking a tightrope, not even worrying about the improbability of success or likelihood of failure.  That elephant is just doing what it wanted to do, critics be damned.  Or at least, that’s my story of it.

So what’s the lesson here?  Write to people.  Tell them that you love them, that you care, and that they are as amazing as an elephant walking a tightrope.  Or, you know, whatever you feel best illustrates how much you care about them and give them a reminder that they are just swell.  Because as people, we need that sometimes.  We need to hear or read those words because sometimes, we forget.  (We’re not elephants after all.)

And I’ll just nudge you a little more to go ahead and write to an older loved one.  After all, they are the ones with a great sense of humor, life experience and the wisdom it brings, they write you back, and somehow find these fantastic cards.


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