Gratitude Check: The Body

It’s really easy to be focused on the future, on what you’re trying to achieve.  I feel like I sometimes get stuck between the present and still trying to “get there” with a lot of things in my life, which sometimes is helpful to keep me driving forward, and other times is less helpful when I feel tired and realize how much time I spend trying to fix the future without taking time to enjoy the present.

I’ve had a few days off work that allowed me time to rethink things and made me really appreciate everything I have.  While I haven’t written down everything I am grateful for, I am going to focus on my gratitude for my body.  While I’ve had some recent health curve balls over the past few years, I am so grateful for being pretty healthy.  I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t have limitations and my pain is managed.  And most impressively, I recently rode a bicycle for the second time in four years (with the first being two years ago and only briefly) for 13-14 miles and had no problem.  I’m really grateful for a strong body, especially those legs, that let me walk, hike, and now bike for miles at a time.  A body that helps me get to where I’m going and remind me to slow down enough to enjoy the ride.

What do you appreciate about your body?


One thought on “Gratitude Check: The Body

  1. Good point. It is easy to be critical of our bodies. Our society certainly has all kinds of critical ads- and ads that point to perfect bodies that are airbrushed. I am grateful that I can balance, do aerboics, and I appreciate the fact that eating is so pleasureable.

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