Social Media

Despite being a millennial, I have been very slow to using social media, bearing myself to the world online, let alone hoping anyone would notice.  I very rarely take selfies.  I spent years blocking text messages on my phone in an effort to keep conversations alive (and because they used to cost money, to which others seemed not to care).  I spent more time on MySpace creating a profile for my sister’s cat than my own.  I’m still incredibly hard to find on Facebook (intentionally), and I only started on Instagram this past March after years of people telling me to.  I only have SnapChat because my sister literally downloaded it to my phone, although I excel at it with close friends and family.  With the exception of looking at twitter only a couple of times (for very specific links friends sent), I don’t bother.

It’s not that I don’t understand that this is the way of the world now, it’s just that I chose not to participate as long as I could until it mattered.  I’m in my 20s and felt outdated after resisting getting a smartphone less than two years ago.  I felt outdated recently since I didn’t know how Instagram worked until I tried it.  Having social media experience (whether it’s personal or professional) is a skill for jobs now – it’s imperative to join in to stay engaged with the world, even if it’s hesitant at first.

And so, I don’t mean to rant but rather to show what social media can do.  Besides connecting people and giving them a platform to showcase what they love, share the stories and opinions that may not otherwise be heard, it’s a place to be noticed.  And recently, I was noticed.

In Magazine

My Instagram photo from my personal food journey was noticed by Eating Well Magazine.  I come from the world of academia, where you give credit to everything that you didn’t create, so in my photo, I tagged the magazine to throw the credit back to them.  I didn’t create the recipe; I just used it to make the muffins I photographed.  I don’t know if giving credit where it is due is something that people do on social media, but it’s still in my head that I must try.

And because I tried, and probably a lot of luck and good photography, I got published in their “chatter” section of the actual magazine.  It’s these small moments that make you realize how easy it is for you to get noticed – as long as you take the risk to get known.

How would you like to get noticed?



One thought on “Social Media

  1. I have been very hesitant also to get involved in social media. But I finally started a facebook account. Here is my problem. I feel it is work to do social media. But I find talking fun. I find meeting people fun. I loved last night’s time bank meetup- where you and I met! I go through my e-mails – it is how most of my social planning goes and I feel it is work. I have two people close to me who prefer texting, so I text them and go back and forth, but don’t feel close. I bought a smart phone and love it, but my problem is that nothing makes me feel connected as well as actual voice to voice or face to face contact.


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