You are loved.

There, I said it.  Hopefully you heard it – because you need to.  You need to feel it, internalize it, and allow yourself to be loved.


There’s so much hate, anger, sadness, disappointment, shame, action, and more going around, that I want to take a moment to spread love.  Somebody loves you, somebody loves me, and hopefully we all love ourselves.

When I walk around, whether I’m lost in nature on a trail or trudging along a sidewalk to work or an appointment, I try to keep my eye out for something kind.  I’m impressed at how much I find hearts – all over trails in their natural forms of leaves, rocks, and other naturally occurring holes in wooden objects.  I’m happy to share that love is found outside of nature, too.  And that some wonderful stranger who saw concrete drying on their walk, decided to impart a heart for everyone to bear witness to – until decades pass and the walk wears.  And that inspires me.

When was the last time you told someone that you loved them?


One thought on “Love

  1. Thank you, Lindsy. You said what I think a lot of folks are feeling; the blind upleasantness of picking sides (it doesn’t matter whose because once that happens they’ve pretty much staked out something they feel they have to defend), saying incredibly stupid and hurtful things (to and about those they don’t even know), and closing their hearts to opportunities to be understood and loved. So, as you suggested, show some love towards others. Maybe start small and nurture it to something bigger with more people. Just as the hurtful/hateful words are only words that have meaning, so are the love and kindness words. Be intentional, tell someone you love them, it will absolutely make their day.

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