The other day, a friend and I were speaking about our lives, goals, needs, and wants.  She is a very religious person while I am different, but I find what she says compelling.  She finds the lessons and reminders that tie us all together (no matter what you believe) and is able to state them in very easily digestible ways.  I’m sometimes amazed that she’s learning and thinking about the exact same thing that I am, only through a completely different path.

In her words, my friend reminds me, “God is workin’ it out.”  Whatever you believe, insert your own deity, the Universe, the Divine, etc. and pause for a moment.

This is a reminder about patience.  We need to slow down and be more patient about time- about how long change takes, about ourselves and what we can do, and about your faith (if everyone is asking for something, it’s just going to take time to get to everyone).

I admit, as shown by previous posts, that I write myself a lot of to-do lists.  It’s overwhelming sometimes by the amount of things I need to accomplish in a day – and often these days, it just can’t all get done.  And I just need to be okay with that – and somehow work on not having ridiculously long to-do lists in general.  I’m still working on that one, but in the meantime, I am going to try cutting myself some slack.  I am very patient with most others, and I need to learn how to be a little more patient with myself at times.

When I find myself in conundrums, once I get over any intense feelings, I try to find some humor in it.  So I thought about what my friend said and then Louie C.K.’s bit about wifi on an airplane – about “Can you give it a second?”  Maybe I’m being a little ridiculous about what I expect of myself versus others.  Maybe we’re all feeling a little more pressure these days to do more, be better, and grow faster than the timing that it really takes for progress to be made.  So take a breath, and give yourself a moment to think.

When can you practice a little more patience on yourself or others?


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