When was the last time you did nothing?

It’s probably been a while.  For me, I’m on vacation, but I’ve also been interacting with a lot of people, being active, and engaging with social media.  But sometimes, I do absolutely nothing, and it makes me realize that I should more often.

And by absolutely nothing, I mean that I’ve been floating in a body of water.  There’s something so relaxing by being supported by water to feel no tension in the body.  To hear muffled to no sounds as your ears dip below the surface.  Your eyes remain closed to achieve a darkened space; to remove the visual sensation of being somewhere else.  The only thing you’re consciously aware of is any interrupting thoughts that drift inside your head as you float with the waves of the water.

Now, we can’t all do this, especially on a regular basis.  I liken the experience of allowing myself to fully relax in the water to the experience of allowing myself to fully relax in savasana (corpse pose) at the end of yoga.  I imagine this allowing yourself to relax and notice your mind to meditation.  I imagine this clear mind and quiet time to prayer.  I imagine there are many spaces we can occupy that allow ourselves this moment to fully relax, think or try not to, and be still.  And that, we can create for ourselves.

So float on.  Elevate yourself.  And find a moment to allow yourself time to relax.



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