When I think about healing, I think about natural things.  The world has extraordinary plants, animals, and natural cycles with the ability to regrow/redo and start over.  And sometimes, to heal, we must start over.

Whether it’s job burnout, toxic environments or relationships, trauma, chronic stress, or an unexpected curve ball in your life, sometimes it feels like you’ve been diminished or cut down.

While you may be cut, you remain rooted.  You may feel lost, but you’re still where you stand.  It may take time.  It may take tears.  It may take therapy.  It may take trying new things or tapping into your childhood to help find yourself again.  And you may be stuck for a while; you may struggle.  But you will find yourself.  You will grow.  You will heal.


[Green onions – each with just a few days of growth between photos]

You will have marks from this growth.  You will be changed but still you.

Sometimes you just need a shot of water (or whatever supportive space you require) and a new window (or however you gain perspective).

How have you grown?


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