Peace: Part 2

I’m still trying to find some peace.

While last week I looked inward, this past week I’ve looked outward.  There’s some peace in sharing.  Maybe it’s making an ask for something you really need (and hearing yes), maybe it’s having an uncomfortable conversation (that leads to better understanding), or maybe it’s sitting down with someone close to be vulnerable and share a story about yourself that you don’t usually share.  Maybe it’s typing up everything you need to say and mailing it to someone.  Maybe it’s writing something down for only you to read but to find the courage to share later.

While sharing is outward, sometimes it’s about just getting it out.  This is still about making room inside for peace, but this time, it’s by spilling out what needs to leave.  Say what you need to say.  Say what hurts you.  Say what’s wrong.  Speak your injustice.  Speak your anger.  Speak your worries.  Speak the story that is hiding inside that only you know.  Speak your truth.

If you share it with another person, you’ll probably receive feedback, validation, and comfort.  If you share it on paper and ship it out, you have to be okay with leaving it there  on the page.  You have to be okay with not receiving anything back – and certainly not being validated by anyone except yourself.  But go ahead and rejoice.  Because you did what you need to – all that you can – so you have to be okay with that.  Now you have time to spend on peace and not on whatever you’ve been so concerned about.





So go ahead and try.  Make a little room by sharing – by passing it on or spitting it out.  And let the peace in.  You might just surprise yourself by how strong you are.


One thought on “Peace: Part 2

  1. So true. I would also add that speaking one’s truth is different than raging with blame which has so proliferated with the anonymity of social media. Speaking your truth is also about ownership of your truth (which you highlighted) and responsibility for how you speak it. As you so eloquently framed it, truth sharing is both a process of release and a process of welcoming another’s truth back in to provide balance, support, and/or affirmation. Truths spoken or shared honestly and in the spirit of seeking peace will almost always create a spiritual space for calm. And, in doing so, we have to decide if and/or what we want to fill that space with. Thank you Lindsy for Peace I & II. Your insight and questions help create and initiate our quests for our own very personal internal and external expressions of peace and truths within and among us. (As a side note, I’m really feeling the inspiration of your blog and hope that a collection of many of your posts will someday become the foundation for an Intentional Acts of Kindness book.)

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