Receive and Give

Sometimes the gift delights us; sometimes we allow ourselves to be delighted by the gifts all around us.

Today, I got both.

After walking home in the rain (it’s been a gloomy week), I received a package.  It was small and not something I ordered.  Intrigued, I opened it for more clues.  Not a gift note or mention of who it is from.  It was just a beautiful box with some fun stationary inside.


How lucky can one person be?  Sometimes we give, and sometimes we receive.

And so I welcome it.  Thank you to the beautiful soul who sent this anonymous gift.  I particularly like that I can enjoy it and pass it on, so that others may delight upon delivery.

So dear blog readers, I shall open myself up and give you a choice: if you are so moved, set down those fingers to type out your voice.  The first three to comment will get October mail; the rest of you may ponder about the inside (of the cards) tale.


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