I finally fell into the right thing.

The right job.

The right location.

The right people.

The right commute.


It’s not that everything was wrong before.  Whenever I move, I always wind up where I need to be.  It’s just that sometimes circumstances change, or sometimes I change.  And then there’s time.  Sometimes it just takes longer than expected to get to the place I need to be.  Sometimes I’m there all along and I just needed to realize it.

The season has changed.  It’s fall.  It’s cooler.  I have a walking commute, so it’s lovely.  I discovered a trail nearby, so my lunches can be out in nature or at least involve more walking.  It’s not that everything is so different.  I used to have a walking commute, but it was summer and extremely hot.  There were no trails or air conditioning for my lunch breaks previously.  But I was still outside.

I have changed.  I’ve fallen.  I’m calmer.  I have enough that I can refocus my energy.  I can find my balance again instead of constantly moving ahead, except when I’m constantly moving because I like to walk everywhere (when possible).

Sometimes I must keep moving for mediation and inner mantras to float through my mind.  Sometimes I find this in stillness.  It’s just how I am.  We all must shift through seasons; we all come back to where or how we were before and then change again.  Sometimes we drop leaves or the things we no longer need; sometimes we must begin new growth.  There is a cyclical nature within change.  And finally, I welcome it.

What has fall changed for you?


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