Cold Care

Sometimes it takes getting sick to take more care.  Or at least, sometimes that’s what it takes for me.

I push myself.  I’m always working hard.  I’m always doing things for others.  There’s always another goal.  I have been learning to take better care of myself, but still sometimes I need more.  Learning curves.

So, I got sick.  All week.  But I pushed through my work deadlines and tried to take care in the evenings.  It wasn’t enough, but that’s all I had.  Why didn’t I take off a day of work?  The same reason so many of us don’t – we simply cannot.  It’s not that it wasn’t a priority, it’s just that I don’t have paid time off yet.  I’m lucky to have any, quite frankly, coming in the future.  That’s how it is.  For many.  It’s money versus health vs management.

But now I am pushing myself – onto a couch, into many cups of tea, and among much needed rest.  I am grateful to no longer work weekends and have consecutive days off.  To take the time.  For myself.  Finally.



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