Heros and Halloween

Earlier this month, my best friend had a birthday party with a theme of “heroes.”  Her birthday is also conveniently close to Halloween, so it’s easier to ask everyone to wear a costume.  And superheros are, of course, fun to go as.

When I first heard about her birthday request of coming as your hero, I thought of wonder woman because that’s the first female superhero that came to mind.  Then I tried to think of others, like She-Ra, in case someone else had the same idea.  Someone gave me the blue Converse shoes with stars while I was still pondering superheros, and that settled it.  I would be Wonder Woman.  Now I could start collecting and making the rest of the costume.

The thing about dressing up as your (or at least a) hero is, you have to think about it a little – despite my initial decision-making process as demonstrated by receiving something for free that sparked an idea.  When I typically think of my heroes, they are regular people.  They are in my family, at my workplace, and the strangers among us.  They are people who stand up and do the right thing.  They are people who speak the truth.  They are people who care.  They are people who love.  They are people who work hard – really hard – and may or may not be recognized.  They are people who make a difference in the world – my world, our world.

So beyond finding some spandex to fit my superhero costume or role, I wanted my showcase my words as a way of recognizing how I see Wonder Woman.

My signs read:

Every Woman is a WONDER. *BAM*


Because no Wonder Woman is complete without fierce messages.  Without feminist words.  And without onomatopoeic.

And so whoever you choose to be today, find some meaning in it.

Happy Halloween!




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