It’s been a hectic week again, but that’s my norm.  It’s most of my friends’ norm, too.  Perhaps that’s the world we live in.  The season we’re slipping into.  Or maybe that’s just us.

While I’ve accomplished a ton at work and relaxed post-Thanksgiving at home, I’ve been thinking about goals for next year.  Naturally, that makes me think about my more immediate goals.  And among the several cups of tea I drink per day, magic happened.

img_20161106_123647209Sometimes it’s just that simple.  Success can be defined by a smile.  By a stranger, co-worker, family member, or friend.  Sometimes success can be defined or reminded by yourself just taking a moment to think of something you did accomplish (big, like finishing that project at work, or small, like doing a load of laundry) and smile at yourself.  You did it!  And that’s enough!

So have a cup of something, smile, and feel your success.


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