I’m still reflecting on goals.  Big life goals – career, family, location to settle in, what I want to be when I grow up (more), etc.  Small goals – the ones I’m trying to achieve today, this week, or the motivation to do the four loads of laundry that have piled up once again.  The ones I am trying to spend more time with lately are the medium goals – the ones I want to achieve over the next year.  I will be entering a new decade next year, and so I want to realize a few dreams before then. Not that a new decade won’t allow me to grown and learn, but it’s a good mark of time to make you reflect on what you have floating around in your head that you want to do.

To be honest, most of my medium sized goals to achieve involve food.  I want to learn to make my own kombucha tea, fermented curtido, pierogies, soft pretzels, and cheesecake that isn’t no-bake.  I may add a few other items, but those are a few of the things I either have never tried to make or told myself to never learn (such as cheesecake) since they aren’t healthy in the quantities that I would choose to enjoy them.

Some of my other goals involve words.  I intend to keep up my blog, posting once a week.  I am choosing to add more reading back into my world.  I want to read a book a month now that my free magazine subscriptions are wrapping up without renewal.  That should be an easy goal, yet it’s often so easy to turn the tv on or stay busy with all the work, errands, and social stuff that we also need in our lives.  I also intend on writing something to self-publish (in print), but I am not going to add the self-publishing part for this year.  Goals should be concrete with benchmarks or steps to achieve them, but also realistic.  And knowing myself, I end up always being so busy that I sometimes neglect to work on my own longer-term personal goals because I could be doing something in the immediate that needs help, attention, or just seems better to work on at the moment.

As the year counts down, reflect on your own needs and wants.  What are some of the medium goals for you this year?


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