We all have something to give.

While many of us are exchanging presents and making a financial donation to do something this month for one of the many holidays happening around this time, sometimes we don’t realize the non-monetary gifts we give as well.  Maybe you’re giving someone else a ride (and not charging them).  Maybe you participated in a random act of kindness to a stranger.  Maybe you showed up to an older friend or family member’s home to visit them in person (more than a call or a card) and made their day.

No matter what you are giving these days, I think we all have kindness to give.

At work, instead of a gift exchange, we all contributed to one staff member who is expecting and due soon.  It’s her first child and we decided to help set her up with some of the many items you suddenly need (and clothes in various sizes for the fast growth of babies) and may not have financials to buy within 9 months to get ready.  While all of the stuff was wonderful, it was the kindness of the act that was really felt.  That just a few people cared enough to do anything for her and her soon-to-be family.  And that we chose to collectively give to her instead of each other.

So give all your joy, care, and kindness to others with anything else you might be sharing.  Sometimes the gift of showing up, providing a warm welcome, or offering a nonjudgmental ear is the best gift you can ever give – and receive.



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