Hopeful and Nourished

I’m feeling hopeful about 2017 in regards to my personal life – the things that I alone can control (or can pretend that I can fully control until something proves me otherwise).

I’ve already started on fulfilling my goals of reading a book a month and making a plan for trying to make foods I haven’t made before (such as kombucha).


It helps, of course, that I purchased a little starter kit for kombucha, have a source for free books, and have had over a week off of work.  But that’s what goals need – concrete steps to achievement and dedicated time.  And staying inspired by your goals so you don’t neglect them.

With the new year coming up within hours, I’m thinking about the theme of my goals.  Nourish – it’s a word I’ve thought of before when I had food goals after college.  It’s a word I think of when I cook (but not when I eat at restaurants).  Nourishment comes in more forms than food, and I feel hopeful that my goals of reading, yoga and exercise, self-care practices, learning new things to cook or ferment, and continuing to grow my apartment garden will help me feel more nourished as a person.

When I came home from out of town the other day, I was fully expecting my peace lilly and other plants to be wilting from a week without water.  I found them thriving. New leaves, lifted leaves, and even new shoots.  They had nourishment from previous good care, so things worked out fine.


I hope this is indicative of an uplifted year ahead.



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