Share the Love

Want to get a package?  Do you like to read?  Do you want to share the love of words?

Then let’s.  Granted, this idea was highly inspired by some book exchange idea floating around Facebook a few months ago.  It is indeed the idea of organizing a book exchange across strangers – coincidentally arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day.  So whether you celebrate the day or detest it, you can have plans to relax with a book (or save it for later).  With or without other people, pets, or food.

What exactly am I saying?  I am matching strangers for a book exchange (you will not necessarily swap books with the person you sending a book to; he/she/ze may be sending a book to someone else) – mostly based on genre.  I will provide the brief survey of interests to help you figure out a good book to send along.  This is an opportunity to craft a package – not to buy a book online and ship it directly to someone.  I’ll leave it up to you if you want to pass along a book you already own and love, or find or buy (potentially because it’s a book you love but want to hold onto).

Your Commitment (if you choose to participate):

  • You won’t flake out and not mail a book. I know that I have written about doing too much on my blog a lot, so I really want you to consider if this is something that you can add to your plate before agreeing to participate.
  • Complete a brief survey so I can try to match you with someone with someone who may share similar genre/tastes in reading.
  • Find or buy a book AND actually mail this! I am requesting that you package this with love (or you know, just put in an envelope and take it to the post office) instead of buying a book and shipping it directly from Amazon, Better World Books, etc.   Shipping cost (depends on weight and method of shipment) will be around $2.60 – $6.
  • You must live in the USA for the ease of shipping, time, and similar shipping costs.
  • Trust me and others. You’re providing your name and mailing address to me (and I’m providing it to one other person, so you get a package, too) – so is everyone else.  After shipping your book, go ahead and get rid of that personal information.  Don’t contact them again.  Don’t be creepy.

Optional:  Share what you love about this book in a note.  Add a valentine’s day card.  Couldn’t decide between two books?  Make someone’s day and send an extra one because you really are awesome!

Are you still interested?

Then please email me at with the below completed:


Mailing Address

Completed Survey (see below for questions)

Brief Survey:

What’s your favorite genre of books(i.e. nonfiction, fiction, poetry, sci-fi)?

How would you further describe what kind of books you enjoy?

What are you open to reading?

What can’t you stand (i.e. this can really be anything, but as an example, I just do not enjoy vampire or zombies.  So no books that include that for me)?

Share something non-reading related – such as favorite animal, field of work, funny but (very) brief story about yourself, plans for valentine’s day, favorite memes on the internet, hobbies or interests outside of reading – just one or two to build a connection between two strangers.

*Do not post this information in the comments section, although, I highly encourage you to post comments in general. And of course, please feel free to share!


  • To participate, you must email me with the above information by Friday 1/20/17.
  • From me to you: I will email you back with contact information and survey for the person you need to send a book to by Wednesday 1/25/17.
  • You must ship your book in FEBRUARY by 2/10/17.

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