Observe and Connect

Sometimes after a long week of work, I try to focus on the small things.  Specifically, cute and cuddly things.  An extra fluffy squirrel eating a nut quietly next to a busy street.  A chipmunk scampering across a sidewalk into the bushes.  Each and every dog outside that is currently having what appears to be their best walk yet.

There’s something very calming about honing in on animals.  Just observing and enjoying their antics without trying to document it on your phone.  Just noticing something that everyone else who is busy passing by may miss.

It’s grounding to observe and have a moment of quiet connection.

Whether you have a pet you can enjoy from your home, or you seek out the natural world (even in the most urban of areas), may you find a very real moment of joy.  Not a funny cat video online or just cute photos that someone sent you.  An actual real animal you are witnessing.  And may the happiness you receive in that moment follow you throughout the weekend.


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