Crafting a Fulfilling Weekend

I’m getting better at doing the things that I love.  I still need to learn how to balance this more with my intense workload, so that I’m not completely exhausted.  So here’s how I’m crafting a fulfilling weekend – I’m doing things that I love and surrounding myself with people (and pets) that I love as well.  And I’m sleeping in.

Living in an apartment can sometimes eliminate one’s connection to nature.  Fortunately, living in an apartment, you can score free shelves when people move out and turn your living room into a mini-greenhouse or experimental farm. So while I can’t garden the way I previously had, I can continue to watch my plants grow, cultivate an interest in hydroponics, and conduct science experiments to root or regrow food.

And as you may assume, in addition to watching plants grow, I like to eat them.  It’s been a weekend full of cooking from scratch and fermenting.  I made another batch of kimchi and started phase two of kombucha (actually making kombucha after activating a dehydrated scoby).  What I love about cooking from scratch and fermenting food (and beverages) is the same reason I can’t always do it: it takes time.  It’s all real food and work, so like life, you have to put in the time to get out what you want from it.  And it’s beautiful and delicious.

Now the key element to crafting a fulfilling weekend after doing the things you love, is to share them or share yourself with others.  I kicked off the weekend by sharing my love to some of my friends who live a little farther away by sending books through a book exchanged I organized a couple weeks ago.  I invited friends over to enjoy some dinner, and I’m about to visit family and bring them some of the above kimchi.  I may even stop by another friend’s Super Bowl party, but I’ll see what time I’m leaving family and if I have the energy to socialize more.

How have you crafted a weekend that has left you fulfilled?





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