It’s that time again.  Valentine’s Day.  Either you love it, hate it, and just a few may have even forgotten all about it.

I choose to let Valentine’s Day serve as a celebration of all kinds of love.  Love of people. Love of self.  Especially love of food.  Love of small moments.  Love of strangers.  Love of the grind.  If you let it, it can be a good day.

I celebrate Valentine’s Day by writing and mailing cards and postcards to those I love – friends and family.


I love a lot of people.

I use Valentine’s Day as a time to make sure I tell them how I feel.  And I don’t spend a lot of money in the process – I gather cards in bulk or across a year.  And even still, any card is a Valentine’s Day card if you say it is – or you put a heart sticker on it.  This year, I wrote a lot of poems.  Here’s one for you:

roses are red

violets are blue

create happy moments

with love from me to you

So however you feel about the day, know that you are loved.



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