Redefine Success

I have lots of goals, lots of deadlines, a workload beyond one full-time job, normal life stuff we’re all trying to keep up with (laundry, trash, recycling, cleaning, etc.), and  a bit of a social life.  We all do.  And despite all of the times we cross things off our list, manage to keep up (or mostly) with household stuff, meet our goals, we constantly make new goals, lists, and demands of ourselves.

Sometimes this overwhelms me.  Sometimes this excites me.  Sometimes this channels my anxiety.  Sometimes this completely exhausts me.  Sometimes this sparks my creativity.  Sometimes this makes me happy.  Sometimes this makes me feel depressed.  Sometimes this makes me strive for even more.  Sometimes this makes me wish I could find contentment instead.

These are all my truths – it just depends on the day, week, or even moment.  I have fortunately been feeling more driven and happy lately.  While I know that I am getting a lot done at work, managing at home, even making time for friends, sometimes I am still surprised at what makes me feel success.


I rooted basil.  And now I’m feeling pretty accomplished with myself.  This wasn’t just any basil – I bought a bag of cut Thai basil for $1 and figured I’d eat most and experiment to see if I could keep it longer in water – some in the fridge and some on the table.  It’s been keeping for a while now, but I hadn’t seen any roots.  Honestly, I’d made peace with the fact that I may not be able to get roots since I wasn’t sure when the stems were cut before I purchased it.  And then I went to replenish it with fresh water, and there were roots!  Honestly, this whole hydroponic gardening thing is really bringing more joy to my life.

Sometimes success is big.  Most times, I’m finally finding, it’s all the little stuff.

How would you redefine your own success?


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