Last week, I finally redeemed the Groupon I bought months ago for a massage.  I have this grand idea that I’ll actually get a massage every month as a preventative health and wellness self-care goal, and I fail.  Aside from spending the money, I don’t know what’s holding me back, so I’m going with cost, despite the well-worth the price results.

When I think about massage, I think about it as you taking your body to therapy.  So when I don’t pay for this service, I’m really avoiding all the issues that are building up in my muscles, fascia, nerves that I’ve somehow come to accept as what life feels like — until I can’t anymore.  And here we arrive at a place of being willing to change.

This was an orthopedic massage – the kind where you really feel all the physical pain that’s been building up, as well as the release after the massage therapist has been working on a spot for a while.  My massage therapist had to give me a lot of verbal reminders to stop holding my neck or moving it where I (intuitively) thought it should be instead of letting go and having it roll with his movement.  This in turn caused me to laugh a lot – because how silly is it that you can’t relax to the degree you need to – it’s just not so easy sometimes.  It was a cathartic hour of having someone physically remove my stress  for a while, and me to laugh at myself and how much I was holding onto and how out of touch with my physical body I was.

We all need reminders.  Sometimes in a very literal sense, like when we were children and our parents told us what to do – and what not to do.  Sometimes we just need others to tell us.



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