There are a lot of sounds at any given moment.  There are more than you can really pay attention to and filter out note by note, so thankfully, your ears help you.  The breeze rattling bare branches.  Distant cheers of a soccer game.  Cars honking.  Your neighbors muffled steps and conversation.  Water running.  A vague hum.  Dogs barking.

I’m paying more attention to laughing.  It’s a sound that I want to hear more of.  I want to overhear and participate in the quiet chuckles and the belly-hurting laughs (the ones you can’t stop yourself).  I want to hear knees slapped.  I want to hear the gleeful screams that follow and start a child’s delightful laughing fit.  I want to hear snorts and gasps for air when others are stuck in an uncontrollable laugh.

What sound are you listening for?


2 thoughts on “Sound

  1. Personally, in addition to all of the sounds you identified, I like sounds that are rhythmic. They don’t have to come from instruments (although all things musical are my favorite sounds), but I find patterns of sounds soothing. They could be from animals that are sharing their own emotion/communication foreign to ours, they could be engines, it could be sighing. Perhaps having poorer vision than most I’m more sensitive to sounds, what they communicate, what they inspire, what they emote, and their auditory tone. And sometimes, the spontaneity of any sound is a reminder we are alive. So, as they say, “sound off” to celebrate you are alive and you have the immense opportunity to interact with a pretty special world around you.

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  2. I’m always very aware (and grateful) for the sounds of my backyard: the deep tone of our wind chimes, the birds, the wind in the trees, the cicadas in the summer. I love just being surrounded and enveloped by the sound of nature, and yet at the same time being able to take one step inside to the security and comfort of my house. I love people with great reading voices, who take great care and precision when they read things aloud. And I love when little kids just laugh so uncontrollably that it becomes infectious, and you find yourself laughing along so much your belly hurts even though you have no idea what was so funny in the first place.

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