According to the internet, today is Thank-You Thursday.  I got an email about this a few days ago, so I’ve been walking around with the idea of thank-yous.

They are so important.

I think it’s really important to take the time to thank people for what they do.  We could not do this whole life thing without others – no matter how fiercely independent you are.  Just think about any time you used a public restroom – if it was at all remotely clean, you have someone to majorly thank.  A person you may never see, who is severely underpaid, and who literally deals with crap all day.  All so you can attend to your basic needs for the 30 seconds to two minutes you’re there – and then never think twice about the service another person provided for you.

I’m also realizing more and more that it’s really important that you receive thanks or appreciation for all that you do.  I think that’s the hardest for me – to do so much for work and others, and not always receive acknowledgement about it.  It starts to add up.

So take some time and say thank you.  To someone’s face, in a card, over the phone, even via social media.  Honor others who make your life easier, happier, fuller, funnier, or all the small things that easily go by unnoticed.  Take a moment to notice them and spotlight it.


Today, I went to a volunteer appreciation event after work – showing up when many others did not. I don’t have enough time in my night to thank everyone that has impacted my life, so I just wrote three thank yous to friends that are recently in my mind.

Who wouldn’t want to receive that?

I’m going to keep walking around with the idea of thank yous and appreciation.  I’m going to keep intentionally thanking people around me for all that they do and all that they give.  What’s harder for me, I’m going to try to figure out what kind of appreciation I need for all that I give.

Thank you to all of you that read my blog.  All leaders need followers; all writers need readers.  I appreciate your time and hope my words impart some joy, knowledge, curiosity, and even a laugh in your day.


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