A Moment

It’s been a hard couple of weeks for me lately.  Life’s been upping my workload, pulling me in about eight directions unexpectedly, keeping me so busy that I haven’t had enough time to rest and recover – and when I meet all the demands, somebody dumps a bunch of their own stuff all over me again to deal with.  It’s exhausting.

But the positive is that I have to get better, so I’m seeking change and grounding.


I’m finding it within myself again to figure out what I need.  And today, it was nature.  It was sunshine.  It was fresh air.  It was to get out of the office and look up.  But mostly, it was to get out of the office – the physical space and all of the mental space it takes up.

So even if you’re stuck, you can find a few moments to unstick.  Maybe you have to go back to whatever it is that’s leaving you drained, but you can still seek out those moments.  Moments build.  Moments will inspire you to continue seeking out more grounding moments, bringing intention back into your day.


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