Don’t forget to play.  To tap into your creative side and poke your inner child.  That kiddo is still in you, and likely bored and frustrated that you work so hard.


I went to a meeting today that was over lunch, and this is the decor I found.

How amazing.


Not only did I feel the instant transfer of adult obligation to attend a function to mischievous child, but I could see that these centerpieces sparked something in others, too.  Staff of all ages were taking photos, chuckling, and engaging in conversation with anyone around them.  Having a moment to play cleared our head space and allowed something new to enter.  It also put all different levels of staff at the same level – curious, delighted individuals who needed to find out if that really was a black-eyed pea for a Eggplant penguin’s eye.

How will you play today?





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