New Start

The wonderful thing about life is that you can always change things that aren’t working for you anymore.  You can always get a new start – and sometimes it’s as easy as setting the intention.

My newest start is with apartment gardening.  I’m so inspired that I’m growing herbs from seeds… with very little effort.  Since I don’t have a yard, patio, porch, or apartment greenspace that would appreciate me repotting plants and starting from seeds (or at least that I can tell from observation alone), my gardening adventures started with what I had: old soil.  As good as I grow things, I have become a flower killer.  So I finally pulled out some old, dead no-longer-flowering plants and threw some seeds in the pot.  I added a touch of coffee grounds and water.

Then a week happened.


You don’t always need something fancy or brand new to create change.  You’re enough.  If you want a new start, it could be as easily as replacing something that is no longer serving you with a good idea, a sunny shelf, and a little hope.  Just add water.


4 thoughts on “New Start

  1. I find your apartment gardening so inspiring! It helps me remember to take better care of my own plants, but it’s also such an important reminder to take care of and nourish the things in our life. Even low-maintenance plants can remind us that there are living things all around us, and they all need some basic time attention and attention in order to thrive.

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  2. Beautiful 🙂 We have a slightly different issue at our place – lots of garden area, but this is all planted or covered with weed mat and bark (your standard low maintenance rental property garden). I’ve had much success with putting trays of seeds on the windowsill to germinate, and then transferring them to the now garden of pots which we can take with us should we need to move! A little determination and thought can go a long way.

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