Words Matter

A few weeks ago, I found the words of a small child (or children) written in chalk along my walk to work.


As you can imagine, I couldn’t help but smile and take an extra moment to look down as I hustled past in my usual always-running-late mode.  I actually stopped on my way home to take this photo, which means these words stayed with me throughout a horrendously busy day.

What power.

These words have made their mark even though they were written in chalk.  Today, I noticed that while mostly faded, the hope of a good day was still visible.

These children may never know the impact they have made on all the strangers, neighbors, and family that pass by.  I hope they realize it brings us adults a good reminder to take a moment, that intentional acts of kindness can be this simple, that there are always people around who care, and to listen to youth.  I hope that these kiddos keep their kindness as they grow up and keep sending positive messages and heart.  It really does make a difference.


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