Finding time to rest can be so hard to do when home demands immediately pop up after work demands settle.  Today, I had time to relax and chill.  The beauty of this wasn’t just in the ability to take the time, but that I have found people in the fast-paced city I live in who want the same and know how to create it.  Chill time can be crafted in smoked meats, homemade sides, sipping on a cold beverage, sharing stories, and enjoying the breezes that come your way.  Mostly, it’s in gathering outside around food and friendship with no end-goal or another thing scheduled to-do.

Chill time with others is very different than just alone time.  And I forgot how much I missed just hanging out with others who are okay with a slower pace.  This, of course, means that I still have to figure out how to embrace a slower pace for myself. And to invite others to be around me and try to craft a space to just be, while not planning too much or worrying about things, and just being okay in being in the moment.

How do you chill on hot summer days?


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