Gratitude Check: The Little Things

On days or weeks that present a challenge to finding a positive moment to really feel, I try to make a big effort to notice the little things.  For me, without fail, it’s little things that create happy moments.  It’s like stepping into a puddle of joy – it’s temporary but stays with you a little longer than you think.

Today’s bigger smile moment came not from getting a free iced tea (although I am grateful for that), but from a stranger spelling my name correct.  As anyone with an unusual name or atypical spelling knows, it’s a rare instance when someone gets your spelling correct.  And that’s fine because there are many ways to spell names, but I was still surprised at how nice it felt to be spelled correctly for a change.


I can honestly say that this – a stranger guessing my correct spelling – has never happened before.  I even have prescriptions written with the wrong spelling when doctors have my file in front of them.  And I would never have expected for someone at a coffee/tea shop that I infrequently visit to have gotten it right during a busy lunch hour without even asking.

To this, I am delighted.

And I also am so aware of how I didn’t even pay attention to this individual’s name, even as they wore it on a badge.



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