Honor Yourself

It’s good to recognize yourself – to take a moment and acknowledge or celebrate something that you did.  I have a tendency to keep moving forward without too much pause, but my friend gave me a tool to help me notice.  A friend of mine gave me a Fitbit recently and I’ve worn it a few days without checking any results until today – just to see what is a typical day.

I’m taking a moment to honor myself because I knew that I walked a lot because I literally wear out my sneakers significantly faster now than I used to in any other place that I’ve lived, but I actually walk a lot.  According to this Fitbit, in a typical weekday, I walk about six to six and a half miles.  This is just my commute to work, lunch break walk, and the daily steps around the office.  I’ve impressed myself.  Literally every step counts and really does add up to something.

Something that is so typical for you may actually be worth recognizing and taking in the good feelings.

What’s your (extra)ordinary talent?


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