Ok, Universe.  I heard you.  You’ve been nudging me and nudging me and sending me reminders until I finally noticed.  I’m going to join in the movement on over-sharing by broadcasting myself on the internet as a means to create more connection, to be more open, and to be inspired/to inspire again.

This blog is intended as a reminder to myself about the intentional acts of kindness that are all around us and that we ourselves create—and perhaps, it will inspire you, too, to find and create your own kindness in the world.

Where did the idea for this blog come from?  Several things.  Mostly me finally listening to a dear friend who has been encouraging me to begin writing again for years, and myself also recognizing a lack of creativity in my life that writing this blog and working on an online photography portfolio could fill.

Also finding myself again (after burning out from a job) through the creative process of writing, wandering, and wondering.

The title comes from a Meetup Group I founded about a year ago to encourage volunteering in traditional and unconventional ways.  I still believe in what I created, especially now that I have moved and helped transition two wonderful members into the new organizers.  My ideas: Everyone has something to contribute. A small act of kindness can go a long way. Why not be a part of a positive movement?   I believe my personal message can go beyond volunteering and really speak to how you live your life.  And so, I will try to begin living my life more positively, kinder, and contribute openly via this blog and in person (to those who know me).


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