A Little About Me

About the Author

I have always enjoyed finding things that inspire me, and I hope to share them, large and small.  I used to live in Austin, TX (this photo is at HOPE Outdoor Gallery) where I noticed the words “Live a Great Story” — first under a bridge and later at this gallery.  As someone who has also always enjoyed collecting stories (from books to family stories to friends to my own), this delighted me.  I never looked up the hashtag or website until after I moved from Austin, only to discover the person who created it also moved, too.  Now that I have, I really appreciate that it’s about finding and making those words mean what you need them to mean for you.

For me, I’m trying to live a great story because we all should.  And each of our stories will be unique and meaningful in its own way.  But I’m also trying to live a great story since the Universe recently edited the version I have been crafting so carefully.  My pencil snapped in half, paper thrown away, and pens leaked out all their ink.  Ok, not really, but that’s how it felt, so I’m working on restructuring my story, my own narrative because it’s always mine even if some unexpected edits happen along the way.


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